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 Lucy/ ies in the Sky


one of my favorite parts from Help! The movie - 1965


beatlemaniacs being interviewed at the beatles 1965 concert at the shea stadium. the girl on the left is rumored to be meryl streep, as she was indeed there that day.

Meryl Streep confirmed in a TV interview recently (during which this clip was also aired) that this is film of her and her friend when they attended the Beatles’ Shea Stadium concert August 15, 1965. She said she was too shy to speak to the reporter herself and let her friend do most of the talking.


10 Seconds Each of Nearly Every Song George Sang Lead On While in the Beatles

a song list can be found by clicking on the ‘read more’!

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John Lennon will always be ten different kinds of sexy and he’s pretty and fun to look at so enjoy the Lennon spam, peeps. 

the last one is just so perfect <3


These gifs aren’t mine but I’m sure everyone’s day could be improved upon drastically by having John Lennon flash them via their computer screen. 


At Shea Stadium